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This project was inspired by Doug Hayashi and his "NSX-files" U.S. website

This is a 1998 Honda NSX coupe after some stages of modifying. It started with a Mov'it front brake
kit with parts from a Porsche 993 turbo (4 piston caliper, 322 mm disc) and 22 mm spacers to fit the
bigger brakes under the stock wheels.


Next step was adding Bilstein HD shocks mounted on upper perch and DaliRacing anti sway bars in
"Street version". In 1999 I drove the street legal car in my first season in the European NSX Trophy
and ended as vice champion in the "modified" class, winning my class in Mas du Clos and Spa-Francor-
champs and setting a best qualification lap time overall (including all other race cars) at Mas du Clos.
You see a part of this beautiful french track below (with car parking in the background).


Due to the use of Yokohama race slicks the enormous traction of the car became too much for the
one-disc stock clutch that was burnt about once a year. So I first changed to a Comptech clutch with
lighter flywheel in street version, later in race version. Next steps in modifying where Eibach Pro springs,
setting the Bilsteins to lower perch, removing the licence plates (car became a non street legal race-
only-machine) due to the extremely high maintainance costs (insurance, gas etc. for the NSX as a
daily driver), replacing the seats with Powertech and Sparco racing seats and 4 point Schroth harnesses,
removing carpets, interior parts (door panels, stereo, A/C, damping material etc.), air vents for the
brakes, stabilization strut bars in the engine compartment and between the front shocks, replacing
the Dali-Racing street sway bars by race bars, replacing stock rear brakes by custom built Brembo
brakes (4 piston, 330 mm disc, usualy seen in the Porsche 996 GT 3) and an additional Brembo 1 piston
E-brake. Later came a custom built exhaust, a custom built Sachs competition clutch with sinter
metal and no damper springs, a carbon fiber clone of the original 2002 NSX-R rear spoiler, an OMP
competition steering wheel (all airbags now removed), a Taitec carbon fibre vented front hood, a custom
built competion water cooler, and
some smaller modifications like new hydraulic lines, special battery and
custom built aluminium front side flaps. For a complete list of the modifications you can click here if
you understand some german words.




The Fastvoice NSX usualy runs on Yokohama A 005 race slicks in 210-580/16 S01 front and
S04 rear when it's dry and on Bridgestone SO 03 PP (225/45-16 front, 255/40-17 rear)
when it isn't. To the tracks it is transported on a custom built trailer and towed by the silver Ford
Mondeo TDCi you see in the picture above.


The latest measurings (with Yokohama slicks): Height overall 1.11 meters, about 6.5 cm lower
than stock, ground clearance at front splitter 9.5 cm, weight with full tank w/o driver 1.230 kg

Unfortunately Honda announced in July 2005 that the current model is discontinued at the end of the year.
There should be a successor but as far as the latest news and rumours sound there will be no real NSX
heritage. It is said that Honda will sell a sportscar in 2008 with a V10 front engine and probably AWD.
For your remarks etc. at these NSX files please use this feedback form.


(Pics on this page by Eric Fabre/V-images, myself and my girlfriend)

My best lap times until august 2006 are: Dijon-Prenois 1:34,62; Anneau du Rhin (with "Club"-chicane)
Hockenheim Old Grand Prix track 2:43,2; Hockenheim Grand Prix (new) 1:59,49; Hockenheim
(with new chicane before entering the long track) 1:18,1 (equals about 1:14 on the small track
chicane); Magny-Cours new 2:01,95; Magny-Cours (old before 2003) 1:59,8; Mas du Clos 1:32,00;
Spa-Francorchamps 2:50,88; Nuerburgring GP track new 2:28,39 (all measured with AIM My-Chron Light
MCL-IR infrared laptimer).

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