A piece of carbon from far away  hoodfront2

This Taitec vented carbon fibre front hood - designed after the NSX-R - arrived in 2004 after 2 months of waiting directly from Japan. Fortunately
this very light part survived the long travel with Cathay Pacific without any damage. It was the first hood of this kind in Germany and was installed
before the last event in 2004 end of october. As it turned out it fits very well and matches perfectly the stock colour "magnum gray pearl".

taitec hood

The upper side of the hood can also be used as a mirror with it's shiny clear coated surface. The underside doesn't look the same but who cares.
Hood was ordered via Science of Speed in U.S. and came with mesh cover already epoxied in the venting tunnel, weight is about 5.3 kg.

hoodfront1 hoodback

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