Hier können Sie sich Beispiele meiner Instrumental-Musikproduktionen als mp3-files anhören:

Here you can listen to some of my instrumental music productions as mp3 files:

"Loup électrique"
"Vanilla Cream" (with quotes from "Sleep Walk"/S. & J. Farina):
"Ich will nur tanzen":
"Reduced Speed":
"Popcorn falling from the Sky"/motives from "Popcorn" (G. Kingsley) and "Skyfall"(Adele/P. Epworth):
"Chillout Waltz":
"Zombie Stroll" ( ... with a quote from "She's not there"/"The Zombies"):
"Majestic Landscape":
"Cozy Cushion":
"A letter to J. J.":
"Smooth Grace":
"Victory Lap":
"Madeira Waltz":
"Northern Wind":
"Mission exposed":
"Easy Armour":
"Space Glider":
"Wake-Up Call":
"Sunset Mood":
"Snake Dance":
"Sunflower (Chan-Chan-Mix)":
"A minor detour":
"Project G":
"Back from the wilderness":
"Slow Soul":
"B3 neu ":
"Band on the sun" :
"Morning Forest":
"In the air":
"Chic-Medley" (Edwards/Rodgers):
"Midnight Jazz":
"El Andaluz" (mit Motiven aus "Aqua Marine"/A. Pasqua/C. Santana):
"Spring Ballad":
"November Dawn":
"Carlos' Funk":
"Spanish fly":
"Cinematic Symphony":
"Brasilian Chill":
"Chapel's Tales":
"The brighter sides of march":
All samples: Copyright by Wolfgang Messer, unless otherwise noted, alle Rechte vorbehalten

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